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Tasting Notes 1001

This week, new vintages of some of our more popular wines hit the shelves. It's always a 'heart-in-mouth' moment trying a new release. Will it be as good as the previous vintage? Will it be different? Will I like it as much? Am I about to lose an old friend or make a new one? That's a lot of internal dialogue for a weekend morning but, hopefully, we're here to help cut through the confusion. Here are three wines which have recently clicked over and my thoughts on them.

Climbing out of your wine rut

Wines made from the ‘noble’ varietals did us quite nicely for decades. Who could want for more than a shiraz or a chardonnay or a riesling? Well, it turns out, we did want for more.

What happens when you take the G out of GSM?

If you belong to a particular tribe you might immediately yell out HellFire Club! which is the home of S&M but you'd be on a vastly different ...