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Barringwood Schönburger 2019 (Barrington, Tasmania) "...rose petal, spice, mineral..."

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Delicate aromatic white with rose petal on the nose and gentle spiciness on the palate.

Schönburger (or Schoenburger if you can't find the umlaut key on your keyboard) is relatively new to the wine world. Previously known as one of the Geisenheim clones (or possibly one of the Bobbsey twins), it's a hybrid of pinot noir, chasselas and muscat. But don't let that bother you too much. Instead think about a rich, textured white wine that screams for food and you'll get the idea.

"Floral as f*ck! Jasmine and oleander, ripe pear, guava and white pepper spice. The palate is rich, textured and spicy with winter fruit notes and a hint of nuttiness. This wine is a friend of food - creamy pasta and Schönburger sounds like a Northern Italian wet dream to me." Grizzly Dickens, Carboot Wines Buyer