Our Winequest is to give you access to great wines, at great prices, delivered to your door. Your Winequest is to enjoy these great wines with family and friends. So we thought, why not reward you for doing what comes naturally? 

Welcome to WineQuest

Your chance to share in weekly wine voucher prizes

The premise is simple. We want to see the moments when wine makes you happy because, well, that makes us happy.

Each week we will set you a new WineQuest. The best eligible Winequest entry, as selected by our panel of judges, will win a $50 Carboot Wines voucher. 

Your Current WineQuest

Many people have recently come out of lockdown and are enjoying visiting restaurants again (what joy!). So...

Requirements are as follows:

* take a picture of yourself, your family or friends enjoying a bottle of wine in a restaurant

* include the wine list in some way

* post the picture to your Instagram or Facebook page no later than 6pm (AEDT) Monday November 1

* use the tags #WineQuest #CarbootWines in your pic and tag our social accounts so we can find you