Adelina Watervale Riesling 2019 (Clare Valley, South Australia)

Adelina Watervale Riesling 2019 (Clare Valley, South Australia) "...mandarine, lime, flowers..."

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As always, the 2019 Adelina Riesling hails from the mature Gulley View vineyard. This is the vineyard that historically supplied Leo Buring, once the maker of Australia's greatest Rieslings. Mixed plantings of 2001 and 1977 on a red loamy clay over limestone site. Vines are planted E-W on a southerly aspect, at an elevation of 400m

The fruit here is destemmed and crushed before pressing; the free-run juice was then settled and racked and fermented to about 11 degrees. Col halts the ferment with around 5 g/L residual sugar to balance the muscular acidity that this terroir delivers.

The Watervale Riesling is traditionally a touch sweeter than the Polish Hill River. Col & Jen usually opting to leave a trace of sweetness in the finished wine for more approachability.

The 2019 release is smoking. It's drier than previous years, but the roundness and juiciness here is Clare Valley Riesling at it's mouthwatering best.

Balanced on a knife edge, this is a whip-smart Riesling release from the Adelina duo.

"The 2019 Watervale Riesling from Adelina is delightful. It’s off-dry, with an enticing perfume of lemon, grapefruit and spice. Gorgeous filigree texture, interwoven with lemon and limes. The finish is chalky and full of tension. The sweetness is judged perfectly. Absolute bargain, and a refreshing take on Clare Valley Riesling."