American Wine Tasting in Sydney - Saturday 29 June

American Wine Tasting in Sydney - Saturday 29 June

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No matter what you think about the US at the moment (and trust us – we have many thoughts!) one thing you can say with confidence is they’re still producing stellar wines.

Let’s come together on Saturday 29 June, and foregoing discussion of politics, instead, celebrate vintners from not just the Napa Valley or even only California, but from right across the land of the free and the brave.  We’ll traverse the varied terrain and different climates of the United States, bringing you 20+ great wines to get to know!


What do you get at the tasting?

* More than 20 wines from the USA

* A selection of canapes

* Special 'Tasting Day' pricing on wines 

Attendance at these events is strictly limited so book early to guarantee your place.

Who are these tastings for?

* Wine lovers

* Anyone who enjoys a little day drinking (with a smidge of education on the side)

* Wine beginners

* Wine students

* Those looking to supplement their cellars


The Bishop - 527 Crown St, Surry Hills

Saturday 29 June