Astrolabe Comelybank Rose 2018 (Marlborough, New Zealand)

Astrolabe Comelybank Rose 2018 (Marlborough, New Zealand) "...rhubarb, rosewater, quince..."

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Sometimes when making a wine, there are elements other than pure fruit that I want to showcase, such as texture and complexity. These diverse single vineyard wines, of tiny production, are released under our Vineyards range.

Where the Waihopai Valley meets the Wairau Valley, some of our oldest vines are grown by Jeff and Vanessa Hammond at Comelybank Vineyard on gently undulating, well drained soil of stony alluvium from the undissected older terraces. The Astrolabe Pinot Rosé  is made from Pinot Noir grapes grown at Comelybank Vineyard as well as a small portion of Pinot Gris.

I did a fast ferment for the Rosé, with a high level of grape solids and a warm temperature, to create a complex aroma and reduce the dominance of the varietal fruit. It is savoury, textural and very dry.

Simon Waghorn, Winemaker.