Coates The Riesling 2020 (Adelaide Hills, South Australia)

Coates The Riesling 2020 (Adelaide Hills, South Australia) " apple, citrus, mineral..."

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"Across a four-month tsunami of tasting, not once did I come across a range of wines as unequivocally delicious as that from Duane Coates. I am speaking of each cuvée, meticulously crafted by a modest man with ample foreign experience up his sleeve, along with the academic moxie demanded by his Master of Wine studies and his recent inauguration to the Institute. From Nebbiolo and Chardonnay, to the most exciting sparkling wine yet tasted from these shores, these are wines that push boundaries as much as they sit in the mouth with an uncanny effortlessness ... before the bottle is gone" - Ned Goodwin MW, Halliday Winemaker of the Year Judge

Duane Coates is the well qualified winemaker behind Coates Wines. He sources the fruit for his Shiraz from a certified organic vineyard. These are his words about his winemaking approach.

"Making wines in places such as the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, the Rhone Valley (France), Burgundy (France) and the Duoro Valley (Portugal) has provided a broad base of unique winemaking experiences. Great wines reflect their place of origin, and speak of the grape variety from which they are made. To achieve this goal a no compromise approach has been taken to craft wines that blend the best in Australian and European winemaking styles, to bridge the gap between the fruit-driven Australian style and the savoury, complex wines of the Old World Europe."