Cortesole Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2015 (Veneto, Italy)


Grape varietiesCorvina, Rondinella and Molinara.

CorteSole comes from the union of the Italian words for court, home of kings and nobles, and the Sun, the star around which our planetary system is gravitated. There is therefore no more appropriate name for this line, which represents and expresses all the passion, pride, experience, tradition and the pursuit of excellence and quality. The Cortesole line is their star, their flagship, their top of the range, boasting traditional high quality wines that they sign for the best restaurants and wine shops.

All Cortesole products are the result of a careful selection that begins in the vineyard and goes on in the cellar, with the scrupulous respect of the regional wine tradition, in order to enhance the personality of each wine. The high quality is confirmed in the numerous awards obtained in international wine competitions.

In the first two weeks of October the best grape bunches are picked by hand and dried in drying-lofts. After 4 months, the grape weight is about 50% less, with a high concentration of sugar, extracts, aromas and glycerin. At the end of February, the dried grapes are vinified, with a 3-4 weeks maceration and a controlled fermentation. The yield of wine is less than 40%, with an alcohol content between 14 and 15% by vol.

"Full and complex scents of conserve, raisins, and violet with spice hints and trace of undergrowth. Rich and enveloping taste. Vigorous balanced, with a pleasant bitter almond aftertaste. Excellent with game, roasted meat and cheese."

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