Dandelion Vineyards Lion's Tooth Shiraz Riesling 2018 (Mclaren Vale, South Australia)

Dandelion Vineyards Lion's Tooth Shiraz Riesling 2017 (Mclaren Vale, South Australia) "plum, bay leaf, white pepper..."

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This is one of the most exciting wines we've seen in a long time and we're sure Dandelion Vineyards are set for big things. Although an unusual mix, Shiraz Riesling, is actually a long forgotten Australian blend. The McLaren Vale Shiraz was co-fermented with Eden Valley Riesling skins and provides an aromatic floral lift, just as a touch of Viognier does to Northern Rhone Syrah. Get into this wine before the secret gets out!

"Ripe, Dwarf Satsuma plum aromatics with a clove-like depth. There are hints of a just-served Christmas Cake, of subtly cured olives, of bay bay leaf stripped straight from the laurel tree, white pepper and nutmeg, with lavender and those more hardy fresh herbs; finally a parting whiff of young Emmental. As befitting - or perhaps even beholden - to its Dwarf Satsuma plum aromatics there is, at first taste, a sweet and sour (or agrodolce) fruit flavour dominating the front palate. And then - BANG - enters the steel! With riesling making up 5% of this wine there is now a searing line of acidity that drives all the subsequent flavours. It is the perfect counterbalance to the compact core of concentrated black fruits that is always McLaren Vale shiraz. Deep and rich McLaren Vale shiraz on a Winter Solstice night, combined perfectly in happenstance with a full blood moon and a King tide."