Domaine de Biéville Chablis AC (Chablis, France)

Domaine de Biéville Chablis AC 2019 (Chablis, France) " apple, oyster shell, brine..."

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45 year+ old vines
South/south east facing slopes
Sustainably farmed
Kimmeridgian soils
Stainless steel only

This 45-hectare Domaine was planted by Jean-Jacques Moreau in the 1970s, and is now owned by Louis and Anne Moreau, who farm it with great care. They have stopped using all pesticides, and started plowing between rows instead of spraying. It’s one of the largest contiguous parcels in Burgundy, and is planted on a south/southeast-facing slope. Its orientation and soils are very similar to some of the best Premier Cru vineyards. Now that the vines have reached the 45-year mark, the quality is rising. As the plants have aged, the fruit character has evolved to include a more definite mark of the chalky, limestone minerality for which Chablis is famous. Today the wine has everything, from minerality and snappy acidity to weight and rich stone fruit notes. It’s a complex and beautiful expression of this old-vine site.

"Jean-Jacques Moreau would be very proud of this 2018 Domaine de Bieville, showing the chalky, crushed rock minerality that this Kimmeridgian bedrock, just below the surface, gives. The healthy, ripe 2018 grapes have given a shimmeringly vibrant white with freshly zested lemon, straw, green apple and vanilla pod (although no oak is used at all). The aroma and palate also show some crushed oyster shell, brine, fresh nori, and salty sea-breeze nuances. The finish is dry and refreshingly clean." - Randall Pollard.