Domaine des Marechaux Bordeaux Superieur 2018 (Bordeaux, France)


First produced in 1964, Domaine de Maréchaux is crafted with the same values that go into making Chateau Maréchaux: care and selection. 100% Merlot, the grapes that go into Domaine de Maréchaux are chosen from 20 year old vines in order to produce a light, fruity wine. Grown on a high quality clay-calcium soil, the grapes from the chosen parcels are fermented into an elegant wine that exemplifies their terroir.

Bright ruby red color. Intense fruity nose, with hints of blackberry. Palate is elegant and round, with ripe tannins and a lingering finish. An accessible wine which can be appreciated even in its early years. Pairs best with roasted meat, poultry and cheese.

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