Farr Rising Saignée Rosé 2021 (Moorabool Valley, Victoria)

Farr Rising Saignée Rosé 2021 (Moorabool Valley, Victoria) "...salmon-pink, savoury, structured..."

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Saignee, technically meaning “to bleed game meat or poultry”, refers to the way they ‘bleed’ juice for this wine.  Farr Rising Pinot Noir fruit is allowed to sit in tank for two to three hours before bleeding free-run juice at a suitable colour for rosé production. This process concentrates the Pinot ferment. In addition natural barrel fermentation at cool temperatures is used, followed by full malolacitc fermentation. The wine is then placed in four- and five-year-old barrels for 10 months before being filtered and bottled.

This produces a very dry style of rosé, but with flavour and varietal sweetness. It has a salmon-pink hue, is perfumed with fruit and a lovely savoury, earthy palate, and has a long, dry structured finish. This is the perfect wine to have with food.

The microclimate of the Moorabool Valley is influenced by winds from the western plains and bracing sea breezes, which regulate the temperature on long, sunny days and cool the air overnight. This climate is key to producing naturally balanced, low-yield fruit that is rich in flavour.

The region’s environment is both cool and harsh for viticulture, due to the low rainfall and ever-prevailing winds that sweep across the barren western plains of Victoria. On average they receive 240mm of the 540mm annual rainfall in the growing season. The variation of temperatures between night and day helps achieve complex and long-palate structures in our wines.