Fetherston 'Magnolia' Garganega Gewurztraminer 2018 (King Valley, Victoria)

Fetherston 'Magnolia' Garganega Gewurztraminer 2018 (King Valley, Victoria) "...lemon balm, honeydew, lychee..."

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Fetherston Vintners is the collaborative project of Chris Lawrence and Camille Koll. Having both spent significant time in hospitality and the wine industry, their deep love of food and wine forged a desire to create beautiful wines to share with those they love – an unstoppable force that simply had to happen.

Fetherston Magnolia is a field blend of Garganega and Gewurztraminer. While these two varietals might seem odd bedfellows the result is more than a simple charming combo.

The Gewurz delivers lovely lush tropical aromas and flavours while the Garganega (the grape of Soave) is the voice of reason, gilding the wine with a savouriness and dryness that speaks of sophistication and sense. The overall result is one of intriguing deliciousness. Don't think about it too much. Don't worry about the pronounciation. Just drink it.