Fletcher 'Recta Pete' Barbaresco 2019 (Piedmont, Itay)


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Heavily addiction to Nebbiolo and living in Barbaresco where he completely surrounded by it. Australian by birth which means he's a little bit of a stranger amongst the hills of the Langhe, but  feels like home now. 
His addiction has taken him on a ride that he would never have dreamed of. He started making wine from the day he left school, and even though he didn't inherit a winery or watch his Dad work the vines, it's been an uncontrollable passion for him since day one.

To cut a long story short, he found Nebbiolo back in 2006.... 10 years later, he's living amongst the vines in Italy, making wine in the old train station of Barbaresco, and enjoying the positive feedback from his customers that keeps him striving to aim higher. The production has somewhat diverted from only Nebbiolo, and what started with just Barolo and Barbaresco has now grown into 7 wines that are produced from 12 different vineyard sites. He still makes one wine in Australia too, which is a unique expression of Australian Nebbiolo. 

​His production is small, no more than 12000 bottles that are mostly allocated which is extremely humbling. 

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