Heirloom Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2021 (Adelaide Hills, South Australia)

$33.00 $35.00

Heirloom Vineyards was conceived in vintage 2000, when a young winemaking student caught the eye o a silly old wine judge. A love story ensued inspired by two vows: To preserve the best of tradition, the old world of wine and our unique old vineyards, and to champion the best clones of each variety, planted in the most appropriate sites, embracing the principles of organic farming. Cheers the Brooks Family. Winemakers Ms Rosie Signer BS (Viticulture/Enology) Washington State USA and Ms E E G Brooks Bsc (Oenology) Adelaide AUS.

"Hueful, bright, and true. Unfiltered and suspenseful, as a Burgundian monk would have made it one thousand years ago. True and bright aromatics follow: lively plums and dawn's forest berries. Black pepper, black tea, black cherry, blackcurrant, blackberry and violets. This red wine's savoury core is the world contracted thus. Around play myriad flavours and textures: umami, meatiness, masculinity, charisma, tiny knife-points of fresh berry compote - and following all a clean acidity. Underneath there are layers of broader red fruits and tannin's grip; graphite and minerality return at palate's end and a hint - a hint - of oak's choca/mocha spice sneaks in." - Winery Notes

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