Koonowla Riesling 2020 (Clare Valley, South Australia)

Koonowla Riesling 2020 (Clare Valley, South Australia) "...lemon, lime, mineral..."

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Riesling and the Clare Valley are the ultimate white wine collaboration. Tongue-tingling, citrus-flavoured refreshment guaranteed. Drink it now, cellar it for a special anniversary. Put in it on a pedestal, because around the world that’s exactly what all the experts do - the region and variety are recognised globally as one of Australia’s most vibrant wine styles.

Sourced from their two sustainably grown vineyards in the Auburn district, each with distinctive characteristics that combine to create a superb Clare Valley style, crisp, vibrant yet full of amazing flavour.

It's not just about immediate refreshment and palate excitement. It also reveals an inspired sophistication in its minerally textures and lip-smacking palate feels.

This only comes from the gentlest of winemaking techniques, starting with handpicked fruit, followed by minimal intervention in the winery and a focus on crafting the most regionally expressive wine possible.

"Crystal clear to palest blonde. Cut and quartered limes and lemons - zest and juice. Exciting citrus flavours in the green and yellow fruit spectrum, tangy and refreshing with pithy/minerally mouth feels and easy-going acidity. The balance of fruit and zing deliver a delicious purity and enduring length" - Winery notes