Colesel Pavana Rose Brut 2018 (Veneto, Italy)

Colesel Pavana Rose Brut 2018 (Veneto, Italy) "...raspberry, blackberry, blueberry..."

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Colesel, a steep and tiring hill in the heart of the Cartizze area. A land filled with vines, where the hand of Man still carries its weight. Colesel, a society that combines the vinedresser’s persistence with the culture of tradition; the tenacity of work with the innovation of knowledge. A place that teaches you patience. That teaches you to wait. It is our land. Rows of vines like seats in the stalls of nature’s theatre. It is our land. A stage that cannot be reproduced in any other area of the world. An original show guaranteed to go on stage every year. 

"Deep pink colour with purple tinges. Fine lingering perlage. Creamy mousse with good persistence. Elegant and persistent aroma of red and purple wild berries. A dry, fully developed and very persistent flavour. Aftertaste: fruity with hints of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry on the nose."