Perlage Terra Viva Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT 2020 (Veneto, Italy)

$24.00 $26.00

Veneto, long known for a softer, rounder style of Pinot Grigio and this wine is just that. Perlage, still family owned were the first to receive organic certification in 1981 then 1st for biodynamic certification in 2005 in the region.This was a decisive and inspired choice which has led Perlage to its current position as a company known all over the world in it’s biodynamic and organic wines. 

Careful Pinot Grigio vinification produces a bright straw yellow wine with coppery highlights resulting from its skin-wine contact. On the nose it is generous, with floral notes and delicate citrusy nuances. Pinot Grigio is one of the world’s most commonly grown grape varieties and owes its fame above all to its ability to make elegant, easy drinking wines.. - Winery Notes

This wine contains the delicious siren song of the Mediterranean in summer. It’s all linen shirts and boat shoes without a pair of socks in sight. Jasmine flowers at dusk, lemon groves and, like a St Tropez beach, the odd pear. Also, much like the sockless denizens of the sea, it is rich, full of itself and with a briny tongue. Unlike them, it is gratifyingly affordable. And organic. – Erez Gordon, Carboot Wines 

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