Rivarose Sparkling Rose NV (Rhone Valley, France)

Rivarose Sparkling Rose NV (Rhone Valley, France) "...raspberry, grapefruit, sweet spice..."

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Produced in the southern Rhône Valley, the grapes are carefully harvested at night time in order to retain maximum freshness. This wine is made from a subtle blend of Syrah, which lends the wine its vibrant red fruit aromas, and Grenache to give it its aromatic intensity. It is then left to age in our cellars for many months in order for its delicate sparkle to develop.

"Bright salmon pink. Aromas of raspberry and sweet spice, characteristic of the Syrah variety, combined with a hint of grapefruit. Its elegant, honed structure is complemented by notes of grapefruit and redcurrant for an authentic taste of the Mediterranean."