Sartori de Verona Amarone Corte Bra DOCG 2010 (Verona, Italy)

Sartori de Verona Amarone Corte Bra DOCG 2010 (Verona, Italy) "...jammy, spicy, coconut..."

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Vineyard Located in the hillsides north of Verona Podere "Corte Brà".


50% Corvina Veronese 
30% Corvinone 
15% Rondinella 
5% Oseleta

Grape grapes "CORTE BRÀ", carefully selected in the vineyard and harvested in small cassettes, have dried for about 3-4 months in dry and well-ventilated areas.

When the ideal degree of drying is achieved, a further selection of grapes is carried out and only the best ones are produced for the production of this wine.

The fermentation follows in thermoconditioned steel tanks.

Launched the fermentation, it extends for about 30 days to allow the full development of the high wine gradation. After a first evolution in cement for a few months - so that malolactic fermentation can take place - the aging of small and medium size oak barrels begins for at least 4 years.

After bottling the wine is left for at least 6 months in the bottle.

TerrainArgillous - limestone.


Intense red wine with light garnet blades tending to brick with aging.

A characteristic aroma with memories of red fruit jam and spicy notes.

Full and velvety flavor, persistent body with typical cherry flavors enriched with notes of vanilla and coconut.