Silent Way Pinot Noir 2019 (Kilmore, Victoria)

Silent Way Pinot Noir 2019 (Kilmore, Victoria) "...baking spice, dark fruits, plums..."

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"You got to get to know a vineyard for a long time to express the best of it; often this is a generational thing, knowledge passed down from parents to kids to grandparents. Every season is different, every season has its greatness and its failure" - Matt Harrop, winemaker

Sourced from Quarry Ridge vineyard at Kilmore, the fruit used to craft Silent Way Pinot Noir was handpicked and fermented in whole bunches. This led to the creation of a crimson hued wine lined by a light magenta haze. The aromatic bouquet gives off scents of Satsuma plums, which make way for a luscious and dense palate replicating these aromas. The climax is concentrated and satisfying. This wonderful Pinot noir has been crafted to be relished within a cellaring term of 3 years+, tasting great with foods like crispy duck pancake, mushroom risotto and grilled lobster.