The $129 Pinot Noir Box

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Ah! Pinot Noir! We love it! It’s the grape that elicits enormous devotion and sends the most cynical of wine geeks scurrying for adjectives. 

Our Pinot Noir box helps Pinotphiles take the next step in their wine discovery journey. 
Get ready to be surprised and delighted, to discover new vineyards, new winemakers and new favourites from Australia and around the world. Six bottles of Pinot Noir will land on your doorstep every quarter. No fuss, no stress. That's a bottle of delicious, lip-smacking Pinot Noir per fortnight, to savour and enjoy (specially chosen for you, by people dedicated to searching through the muck to bring you the marvels!).  


How long am I locked in for?

You aren't! There's no contract, so you can opt out at any time. There are no lock-in periods, cancellation fees or hard feelings. Give it a whirl - try one box and cancel immediately - or settle in and enjoy the ride!

What kind of wines can I expect to receive?

A selection of old and new world Pinots Noir, facilitating a voyage of discovery and opening your eyes to new vineyards and exciting vignerons from across the world.

But isn't it true you just put cheap, unknown wines in these boxes?

That's a common misconception. If anything it's the opposite. You generally receive wines that are valued at about 20% more than the box price. It genuinely represents unbeatable value.

Why is a subscription better than ordering wines myself?

A subscription takes the work out of the equation for you and adds the enjoyable element of surprise. Carefully curated and well-chosen wines arrive on your doorstep, ready for you to discover and fall in love with. It's like Tinder for wines. Without any awkward morning moments (we think).

 6 bottles every 3 months doesn't sound like enough wine for me. Is that the only option?

You can choose from a variety of delivery frequencies. Opt to have a box delivered monthly if you wish - but remember, you're in the driver's seat, so you can opt out altogether, or change your frequency at any time you like.

What's the deal with the free t-shirt?

Every new Pinot Noir box subscriber receives a free #pinotphile tee. We will send you an exclusive voucher code so you can pick your preferred colour and size and have your new t-shirt delivered directly to your door.

I’m really interested in becoming a subscriber but can you sweeten the deal?

Of course! As an active member of our subscription community and someone who is obviously into great wines, you will also receive an exclusive voucher code which gives you an additional 10% discount on all products on our website. This additional reward remains valid for the duration of your membership (just remember it can’t be used in conjunction with any other vouchers, discounts or promotions).


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"It has been said that those who love Pinot Noir are the most passionate of all wine lovers...Pinotphiles understand that because Pinot is capable of delivering a captivating and unique drinking experience, that’s what it should do. In this sense, Pinot is the moral compass of the wine world"

- Decanter Magazine