Tumblong Hills 'Table of Plenty' Sangiovese (Gundagai, NSW)

Tumblong Hills 'Table of Plenty' Sangiovese 2019 (Gundagai, NSW) "...cherry, raspberry, violet..."

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Renowned for generosity of spirit, championing regional flavours and a sense of joyful abandon, Mediterranean feasts are also the inspiration for Tumblong Hills’ Table of Plenty label.

Featuring varieties native to the homelands of plentiful living, the collection focuses on wines suited to bold, spicy, subtle and delicate foods, basically everything on the menu, as well as cracking stories, entertaining ideas and a lot of laughter.

Table of Plenty is an attitude – a ‘dig in’ for the senses and a ‘more please’ for the soul. Best shared with good company and your favourite fare.