Over 30 years of buying, selling, drinking and talking about wine in restaurants, bottle shops, wineries and on television is behind each wine and every offer from Carboot Wines. Always happy to talk about wine, food and the art of drinking why not make Erez your personal sommelier?

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Who is Erez Gordon?

Erez Gordon has been deeply immersed in the wine trade for over 30 years, plying his trade in high profile dining rooms, award-winning restaurants and wine stores in Australia and internationally. As a restaurant front of house specialist he knows how to give diners a fantastic experience and much of it starts with making sure the wine choice is spot on.

Erez has trained hundreds (possibly thousands) in the food and beverage industry and isn't shy about sharing his opinions - be they related to the industry, food or wine.

Erez, who has previously owned Sydney restaurant Bishop Sessa and Melbourne’s The Dogs Bar, says a career in hospitality chose him.

“I can’t remember deciding that this was going to be my career. I’ve always done it. It’s always felt right. The dining room has always been my home."


In addition to his restaurant and wine work Erez also includes a stint as a restaurant reality TV show judge (Restaurant Revolution) on his CV along with his experience as a radio broadcaster and podcaster.

He also hosts a YouTube channel for Carboot Wines where he discusses, amongst other things, how to get the most out of your glass of wine, and has written articles for Medium.com on wine and food.


Restaurants under Erez's stewardship were regular recipients of top gongs in the Australian Wine List awards as well as Good Food Guide Chef's Hats and The Good Food Guide Service Excellence award.

Erez lives in Sydney with his partner Nicki and their crazy dog Lucky.


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