Free Shipping Across Australia

There's nothing worse than getting a great deal on a box of wine and then giving some of your hard-earned discount back in shipping costs. At Carboot Wines we feel your pain. Sometimes (most of the time) we're buying so much wine it can't possibly all fit in the boot. Or the back seat. Or the front seat for that matter and we end up paying for freight. It's enough to make you go grrrrrrrr! 

We would like to spare you that pain so, with that in mind, if you spend $199 or more in any single order we will ship your wine free of charge to anywhere in Australia*.

If, by chance, you don't spend over the $199 threshold there will be a freight charge of $15.

Now you can browse and shop in our store knowing that when you spot a great price there will be no added or hidden costs. Doesn't that make you feel better about, well, about everything?

But wait! There's more.

If you join our loyalty program you will earn 5 Carboot Coins per dollar spent. And 1000 Carboot Coins earns you a Free Shipping Voucher. This means that a $200 purchase today is not only shipped free but also generates a Free Shipping voucher** to be used another time on a purchase which doesn't meet the threshold. That's a win/win in our books.

Please allow up to 5 business days for delivery to Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland. 7 business days for delivery to South Australia. 10 business days for delivery to Western Australia.

*excludes deliveries to the Northern Territory

**only one (1) discount voucher may be used per transaction