Bandamatina Prosecco Rose Mmillesimato DOC 2020 (Veneto, Italy)


In 2019, the ‘Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene’ became an UNESCO World Heritage Site, in large part due to the region's role in the production of Prosecco. Since 2020 it is allowed by the DOC code of practice to produce Prosecco in the Rosè version.

This has to be obtained from a blend of Glera grapes with Pinot Noir.

Bandamatina’s farm is currently in organic conversion, and aim to obtain the full certification from the next vintage. Total is the respect of the varieties preserved in the old family vineyards, to continue to produce the best wines as possible. 

Enjoy an automatic 8% off any 6 bottles or 12% off any 12 bottles

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