Borgo Imperiale Chianti DOCG 2018 (Chianti, Italy)

Borgo Imperiale Chianti DOCG 2018 (Chianti, Italy) " fruit, herbs, earth..."

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Grape varietal: Sangiovese

As is true of most historical wines, there are several theories about the origin of the name: according to some of the testimonies it could be derived from the Latin term "clangor" (noise), to remember the hunting noise; according to other versions, the name derives from the Etruscan word "clante", a name of Etruscan families spreading in the area. In support of this hypothesis, there are Etruscan and Roman testimonies showing the ancient wine traditions, although the first documents in which, with the name Chianti, is identified a specific area of wine production date back to the 13th century. The first notarial document dates back to 1398, when the name Chianti appears to refer to the wine produced in this area.

"Fragrances of ripe red fruit. The palate brings all its freshness and persistence, with clear and well-balanced tannins."