Borgo Imperiale Nero d'Avola Terre Siciliane DOC 2018 (Sicily, Italy)


Grape Variety: Nero d'Avola

The variety of Nero d’Avola is also known as “Calabrese” , which would suggest that it is native of that region. Actually, this name seems to derive from the incorrect translation of the Sicilia dialect “calauris”, resulting from the union of the words “calea” that means grape and “aulisi” which means “of Avola, a village in the province of Siracuse. The Legend tells that the vine sprouted from the first time in Sicily from the tears of Dionysus, which cried for thirst, and so was born the nectar that the ancient god gave to men, to comfort them from labors, and to gods, to cheer their senses.

"Vinous, with strong hints of berries and red fruit. Round and full-bodied."

Please note: In some circumstances the advertised vintage may change without warning. In this case we will inform you as soon as possible. Should your purchase be dependent on a specific vintage we recommend contacting us via email or phone (02 6412 3450) to confirm availability.

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