Borgo Imperiale Prosecco Brut DOC 2021 (Veneto, Italy)


“Crows”: this is how the inhabitants of Solarolo Monasterolo define themselves as. The Decordi Winery, which arose in this village, decided to pay a special tribute to this bird, highly present in the area, dedicating to it the so called “Corvus Corax” (Imperial Crows) wine line. The type of wine began to be produced and distributed, the brand gradually spread and, considering that the symbolism does not offer a very positive image of the raven, over time Decordi decided to opt for a name that could represent not only the desire to create a line that can give greater depth to the local wines (Lambrusco, Bonarda, Barbera), but also the inclusion of very famous wines of the Italian tradition (Soave, Chianti, Nero d'Avola, Montepulciano).

The Decordi family, therefore, decided to emphasize and maintain the "imperial" character of the line, always recalling the relationship with the area of origin, as well as the attachment to the village ... to the “Borgo”! That’s how Borgo Imperiale was born, a line of products of premium excellence, designed for a medium-high market segment, with a brand that symbolically reminds us how the Decordi Winery has always been attentive to the quality and excellence of the product, without ever forgetting its humble origins.

"Made from Glera grapes this Prosecco has a pearly straw yellow colour which reveals notes of apple and pear. Light-bodied but firm, the hints of citrus makes this Prosecco very easy to drink. Characteristic and fruity with an elegant lift."

Please note: In some circumstances the advertised vintage may change without warning. In this case we will inform you as soon as possible. Should your purchase be dependent on a specific vintage we recommend contacting us via email or phone (02 6412 3450) to confirm availability.

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