Decordi Soave DOC 2019 (Veneto, Italy)


Grape Variety: Garganega

Soave is named after the namesake Venetian city, located in the territory that was invaded in 568 by King Teodorico and its Longobards, the Germanic people of the Swabians, the Suaves, a term which was Italianized in Soavi (and here it’s explained the origin of the name). The territory in which they settled was not alien to the wine-growing tradition, as testified by a 6th century epistle in which King Teodorico's minister speaks of the wine of this area, describing it as "soothing and full-bodied, endowed with jovial candidness and incredible sweetness". Therefore Soave, which in Italian means “sweet and soothing” is indeed the natural quality of this wine

"Wine transparent golden yellow colour. The aroma of wine is presented in tones of colours, toast, apple, peach and white flowers. Expressive fruity wine accompanied with refreshing acidity and mineral and citrus shades."

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