La Ficelle de Saint-Pourcain Gamay Pinot Noir 2018 (St Pourcain, France)


Gamay + Pinot Noir blend. 30 years ago before the region was even AOC the co-operative of Saint Pourcain ‘borrowed’ the idea from Mouton Rothschild of launching this wine with a new label each year. In keeping with the approachable nature of this wine it’s always a cartoonist invited to paint the label. La Ficelle means ‘the string’. Story goes that the barkeep would use a knotted string to dip into a patrons flagon to see how much wine they had enjoyed before the bill. A classic ‘Vin de Soif.

Please note: In some circumstances the advertised vintage may change without warning. In this case we will inform you as soon as possible. Should your purchase be dependent on a specific vintage we recommend contacting us via email or phone (02 6412 3450) to confirm availability.

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